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A small attempt from your side can bring a big change.

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About H.O.P.E

From those who have emerged as progressive green heroes in the chaos of pollution today to all those who make a tiny green choice during the day, B:live would like to celebrate each and everyone of those ‘future-shapers’. They are our voice of hope.


Presenting Humans of Planet Earth,
a community that supports
and celebrates green individual,
stories and activities.


H.O.P.E is community of green-contributors striving to a ring a change that’s long over due, a community of effort-makers who are out there to facilitate nature making sure that together we co-exist. Any and every individual who makes a greener choice is our H.O.P.E. Brands that themselves go natural or help people go natural are our H.O.P.E. Activities conducted today with an intent to make tomorrow better and greener are our H.O.P.E. With Humans Of Planet Earth, we intend to keep the hope alive, we intend to keep the green alive.

Humans of Planet Earth

H.O.P.E is Humans of Planet Earth, a community of eco-warriors who are leading change. H.O.P. E. celebrates every effort big or small taken towards a greener planet and brings forth the stories of brands and individuals who inspire us.

Abhay Deol

If we were not already fans of Abhay Deol’s refreshing work, we certainly would’ve been now, seeing how he chose to go green!

Cara Tejpal

Learning to love and appreciate wildlife the way Cara Tejpal tells it is something we can all learn from!

Nidhi Nahata

With the small lifestyle changes she made, Nidhi Nahata made it big with her plant-based cafe JustBe!

Rosie Harding & Peter Fernandes

Rosie Harding and Peter Fernandes give us an understanding as to how sustainability can be adopted if we look at the Root Cause!

Durgesh Agrahari

If there’s one thing that Durgesh Agrahari taught us, it would be to SAYTREES!

Mike Libecki

Reaching new heights for the environment is something that comes naturally to Mike Libecki.

Dr. Annapurna Kamath

Dr. Annapurna Kamath gives us deep-rooted insights into how she along with the Jalaposhan Trust managed to restore Jakkur Lake!

Elena Fernandes

Travelling to eco-friendly destinations is something that makes Elena Fernandes super-fly!

Vani Murthy

By giving rubbish a higher purpose (you know, by cultivating terrace gardens), Vani murthy initiated a waste management revolution!

Teenu Jacob

Embracing her zero waste lifestyle by living with nature is something we can all learn from Teenu Jacob

Brunda Sreedhar & Ambica Gayathri

Brunda Sreedhar and Ambica Gayathri are eco-entrepreneurs who show us that going back to age-old methods of personal care can make a difference!

Chaithali Pisupati

Chiathali Pisupati tells us how going green is not a destination but a journey!

Bhavana Narayan

Moving quickly towards a greener tomorrow by adopting “Slow Fashion” today is something that Bhavana Narayan swears by!

Be a H.O.P.E

A small attempt from your side can bring a big change.


Any green initiative, big or small, can bring a big change in the environment. So, in the worlds that we trudge knowingly or not, let’s take some green steps and make sure our development has minimal or no impact on Mother Earth.

Green things to do -

  • Say no to plastic.
  • Plant a tree. Make sure you water it too.
  • Pay bills online.
  • Use cloth napkins.
  • Print only when necessary.
  • Opt for e-bills.
  • Take a cold shower.And make it quick.
  • Carry your own water bottle.
  • Carpool, whenever you can.
  • Have a vegetarian day every week.

Share a H.O.P.E.

If you've ever encountered a personal experience which you would like to share with the world, you can share it here! These submissions may include any inspiring incident you've witnessed or your positive actions that have resulted in even the smallest of changes towards a greener earth.

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